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News: Strike a pose


News: A Promotion…

As of February, I am now a Media Production Assistant. My new role is three-fold: 1. I edit content for The Institute of Art and Ideas‘ online tv channel. You can find 500+ debates and solo talks with guests such as George Galloway, Roger Penrose and Steven Pinker. 2. I am partially responsible for digital […]

Published: In Wild Culture

November 2013 marks the centenary of Alfred Russel Wallace (1823-1913), a man who not only developed the theory of natural selection alongside Darwin, he was also the first to scientifically explore whether it was possible for life to exist beyond Earth. One hundred years on, this podcast discovers just how much closer we are to […]

News: Internship at The Institute of Art and Ideas

As the title suggests, just last month I started as a Media Production Intern at The Institute of Art and Ideas (iai). The iai hosts a huge variety of video debates & talks from the world’s leading thinkers – from one week to the next, debates range from Is Religion Dangerous? to discussions like Trust […]

Blog: A tale of a sickly whale

What? An animation about a women and a whale. Why? Short, yet powerful – made even more so by the animation. Good storytelling and a beautiful example of great radio. Produced by Falling Tree Productions

Blog: 2100°/451° featuring Etsuko Ichikawa

What? A film. Called? 2100°/451° featuring Etsuko Ichikawa. How long? 4.14. Why is it worth watching? It’s beautifully shot; is a fine example of how lighting can make or break a piece; it demonstrates the power of music in a largely visual medium; and lastly captures the essence of Etsuko’s incredible work with molten glass and paper.

News: Whistledown Productions

I’m pleased to say I’ve landed myself a place at Whistledown Productions - they’re the biggest independent supplier to BBC radio and have produced programmes like Feedback and The Reunion. I start August, 19 – wish me luck!

Film: Life in the Garden

A short film about the wildlife at the bottom of the garden, in and around the pond.

News: Royal Society Films Published

A few weeks ago, I posted about a couple of films that Lizzie and I made for the upcoming Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition. Well the videos are up – watch them here.

Blog: This short film gives me the shivers.

…Just watch it. Kiss – A Love Story Directed and animated by Joseph Hodgson & Franck Aubry

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